How to Get Your Blog Noticed | Easy Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

If you are blogging without traffic, you don’t have an effective blog. Today I want to show you how to get your blog noticed with some easy strategies to increase your blog traffic for free.

Engage your Social Network

Social networking can give a massive boost to any online business. With so many social networks to choose from where do you begin? Well, here’s a bit of advice, choose one – ideally one that you understand how to work or that you are willing to master, that isn’t a huge time waster for you, and then run with it.

This isn’t a short term play either. Expect to spend 6 months honing in on your strategy and learning what really works and what doesn’t. Depending on your knowledge of social media, and the specific platform you choose, this could take even longer.

Once you have mastered a platform and you are getting results, then it’s appropriate to branch out and learn how to get your blog noticed on another platform. The key is to master one platform at a time.

For example, you have a Facebook profile, create a page for your business/blog. Share your blog posts to your page and then share to your profile too. Now you have two places on Facebook where your content is posted.

My favorite social media strategy is promoting via Twitter. You can access my free training for this strategy below.


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Create a Newsletter

Remember when printed newsletters were all the rage? Maybe you don’t and it’s just my age showing, but once upon a time, anyone who had anything to promote produced a newsletter.

Over time that strategy moved online. Your blog is essentially a newsletter but there are ways to compile your posts and get it out to followers. For example, create a weekly digest of blog posts to send to your email list, or even a daily list. Simple.

Link to Other Relevant Posts on Your Blog

Give readers a road map to your content. A “hey, if you like this post, you will love this one” type of thing. Guide your reader to the content they are most interested in and you will see your traffic increase. Create links within each blog post you write to other relevant posts in your blog and you will find that your readers stay on your blog longer and longer.

Add Tags

This strategy is a great way to also guide your readers to other relevant content on your blog. For example, write a post about blogging, but include the tag “blogging”. Readers looking for additional information on “blogging” can click the tag and get a list of other blogs using that tag. Also, add tags to your blog sidebar or menu for easy searching.

Use Forums

I’ve talked about this before, because there are forums for virtually everything. If you want to know how to get your blog noticed, then it’s time to check out online forums. A Google search is all you need to find forums where your target market hangs out. Simply search [Your Subject] + forums and see what comes up. The example below is very targeted, but that’s really how specific you can get.


Forums are where people go to ask questions, and it is also a great opportunity for you to share your expertise on the subject. Don’t answer every question with a link, but start the conversation. When you get a response, share some knowledge and indicate you have more in-depth knowledge that you can share, then ask their permission to give them the link. Once the link is posted in a thread, it’s there for everyone else in that thread to see.

Create Shareable Content with Lots of Photos

Most people like visual cues. Therefore, you must create shareable content with great photos. Photos to guide your readers … screenshots, info graphics, photos of you, will all increase your engagement with your readers and help them see you as a real person with whom they want to interact.

25+ Places to Find Royalty Free Pictures and Images for Your Blog and Social Media Posts

Become a Video Sensation

When you create videos, and share them on your blog, and on your social media, you engage more people. Videos allow your readers to get to know you a little better. Get over your fear of video — YouTube is the #2 search engine after Google.

Now that you know how to get your blog noticed, access the system and community that will teach you how to build a thriving business online.


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