23 Smart Lead Generation Ideas You Can Use Right Now

by Diana Gartland on March 12, 2017

Leads are the life blood of your business. Without any traffic, you will soon be out of business.

Before we talk about our list of lead generation ideas, let’s cover some basics.


Interview with Top Earner Lawrence Tam

by Diana Gartland on March 5, 2017

What kind of mindset does it take to become a top earner in an MLM company? Watch my recent interview with Lawrence Tam as he discusses his journey to success and the challenges he faced along the way.


25+ Places to Find Royalty Free Pictures and Images for Your Blog and Social Media Posts

by Diana Gartland on February 13, 2017

I’m a sucker for beautiful images. Sadly, I am not a great photographer or illustrator, so to make my blog posts look good, I use royalty free pictures and images from the web within my blog.


5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Network Marketing

by Diana Gartland on January 31, 2017

There’s so many things I wish I had known when I was just getting started in Network Marketing.

The truth is, I love this industry, and I love the company I’m with, but the journey hasn’t been at all what I expected.

People have come and gone, but I’m still here and I’ve carved out a nice little niche for myself, but I had to learn some hard lessons first.


The Truth About Blogging

by Diana Gartland on January 9, 2017

Do you hear that?

Sometimes, if you listen really carefully, late at night … you can hear the cries of people who still think blogging is too difficult.

The ones just getting started, desperate to discover some kind of trick that will allow them to skip ‘the grind’.


Are You Giving Opportunity a Chance to Find You?

by Diana Gartland on November 29, 2016

Are You Giving Opportunity a Chance to Find You? Most of the time finding opportunity is merely allowing yourself to be open to the possibilities. In this short video, I discuss whether or not you are letting yourself be open or closed. If you acknowledge that you are open to possibilities, then you should take […]


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